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~TFM_DINS table which is not read - AkramS - 15-11-2023

Hello, I have a ~TFM_DINS table in a scenario file that is not read by the model. I don't get any error or any other type of messages when I sync the file with the rest of the model in Veda 2.0 (version Strange thing is that I have exactly the same table for another technology in another scenario file, but it works perfectly. Please help me with this issue. Do you need to see the scenario file? Best regards, AkramS

RE: ~TFM_DINS table which is not read - Antti-L - 15-11-2023

Yes, I am sure that would help, although it may not be sufficient for diagnosing the cause.

RE: ~TFM_DINS table which is not read - Antti-L - 15-11-2023

Ok, I think I see what the issue is (even though I am not a VEDA expert).  TFM_DINS does not accept wildcard filters, and therefore you would need to specify the full process names for each process, for which you are defining attributes. Of course, Amit can confirm this, but I think it is indeed so.  You did not have wildcard filter masks in the other scenario file, and therefore the tables worked there. I guess comma-separated lists would neither work, but I am not fully sure, and so you might want to try and test with that... [Edit:] I just found an older note on DINS tables, saying that only single values are permitted in the PSet_PN / CSet-CN fields, without any wildcards.

RE: ~TFM_DINS table which is not read - AkramS - 16-11-2023

Thanks a lot! I tried and it worked :-)