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Input share - MohammedAbiAfthab - 28-06-2019

Hello, How to fix the shares of different commodities if I have two inputs for a process? For example, for steam methane reforming I have a 95 % share of gas and 5 % share of electricity? How to fix these shares for all the years? I tried using Share-I~FX. But the model is not taking this fixed share for all the years. It's varying from year to year. I tried setting interpolation rule to a value less than 0 to avoid any interpolation.  @Antti, you can see in my DECENTRALISED-smr-mobility sheet from my previous post how I have defined this share. Could you please look at it for it's correctness? Thanks & Regards Abi Afthab

RE: Input share - Antti-L - 28-06-2019

Yes, I noticed this omission myself. I just added the interpolation option 3 (full inter/extrapolation). Then it works as expected: the value will be taken for the fixed share for all the years.

RE: Input share - MohammedAbiAfthab - 28-06-2019

Dear Antti, Thank you very much. Now it's working. Regards Abi Afthab